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Automated material handling system for core cutting lines.

 Our latest development is a full automated material handling system for our core cutting lines.

A four head decoiler with long mandrels and cross sliding system allows loading multiple lamination coils per mandrel. The system is automatically positioning the actual used lamination coil at centred position.

This decoiler can be combined with our automatic lamination strip feed-in system which is loading the lamination strip from a new coil when the actual coil is finished or when the lamination width is changing.

For material width change, the material will be wound back and a magnet is automatically attached to the coil end in order to keep that coil tight. 

Four head decoiler with cross slide system

Automated lamination strip feed-in system

Reduced machine set-up time

This system is reducing set-up time and effort during core production with different lamination widths.

While the machine is running the operator can prepare materials for the next job or finish the stacked cores.

System recommendation

The automated material handling system offers the highest benefits in combination with our high speed cutting lines or automated E-stacking systems.

High speed cutting line:
Our high speed cutting lines come with a CSD5 stacking system where all five logs are produced in a full sequential cutting sequence at up to 180 sheets per minute. The sheets are stacked on stacking pins.

E-stacking system:
Our cutting lines can be equipped with fully automated E-stacking solutions. Depending on the lamination width and length we do offer different solutions. Gantry robot stacking solutions for bigger cores or standard robots for small cores.

Gantry robot stacking solution

Machine facts

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated EI core production process (closed bottom and optional closed top yoke)
  • Four head decoiler system with cross sliding function for multiple coil carrying capacity
  • Automated lamination strip feed-in system
  • Automated material changing process
  • Automatic pin positioning system in the stacking grippers
  • Quick changing system for two stacking pallets
  • Overall optimized machine set-up process
  • High machine output at max. 40 stacked sheets per minute
  • Swiss quality