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issue 105 | deceMBER 2018

/ Attention is turning with increasing urgency to the need to raise the $1.5tn needed to finance the Paris Climate Agreement. At the core of this is a new Global Green Bond Partnership, launched with help from the World Bank to support the efforts of cities, businesses and financial institutions to accelerate the issuance of green bonds. We find out how the bonds scheme will work.

Also in the final issue of 2018, we consider whether Russia is finally ready to embrace renewables in light of a new joint venture to build wind turbines, profile plans to retrofit the iconic Hoover Dam to turn it into a wind and solar-powered pump station, and ask whether recyclability should be a key function of renewables.

Plus, we profile a day in the life of a renewable energy control room such as Enel Green Power’s in Chile, which has recently opened to monitor wind, solar, hydro and geothermal technologies across the company’s network, and speak to marine energy developer Minesto about its Deep Green technology, which generates clean electricity from oceans using a marine energy kite. /

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Katie Woodward, editor