Power Plant Measuring Instrumentation

Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of process measurement and automation instrumentation, solutions, and services to the power generation industry in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  /

The company brings deep application expertise and a proven track record in power generation applications, from the latest high-efficiency supercritical and combined cycle gas power plants, to cutting-edge renewable energy solutions in solar, hydro, waste-to-energy, and biomass facilities.

Measurement and monitoring solutions for power plants

Endress+Hauser’s comprehensive portfolio includes process solutions for flow, level, pressure, temperature, analysis, recording, and digital communications. This, together with the extensive know-how and experience of its people, supports clients to minimise downtime and improve plant efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

Whether your power plant serves the needs of ordinary homes, hospitals or factories, it must efficiently and profitably provide reliable and safe power. Endress+Hauser brings precision and safety to power plants worldwide.

Endress+Hauser supports several fossil fuel applications, including start-up / support burner monitoring and desalination volume measurement. The company’s products allow efficient control of raw water supply and measurement of water volumes in circulating cooling water systems.

Solutions also include pH and density measurement in desulphurisation, quality control in water / steam systems, as well as conductivity, oxygen and temperature analysis.

Other fossil fuel services include:

  Data acquisition.

  Level measurement in the water / steam system

dp level / dp flow in the water / steam system.

  Pressure measurement in the water / steam system.

  Level measurement in the lime silo, ammonia tank, and coal bunkers.

  Leakage detection to protect the generator.

  Monitoring the lubrication circuit.

  Flue-gas flow rate.

  Point level detection at the electrostatic precipitator.

Endress+Hauser optimises gas consumption in combined-cycle gas turbine plants and enables optimum operation of air inlet filters. The company offers 24/7 water quality monitoring and keeps steam pressure under control with its state-of-the-art measurement solutions.

Other combined-cycle gas turbine applications include:

  Safe and secure hydrogen cooling of generators.

  Accurate and reliable temperature measurement for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructures.

Comprehensive support services for power applications

Endress+Hauser’s mission is to provide all-round support and experience needed by clients.

Support includes boosting safety standards for staff and the capacity to meet the ever-increasing environmental demands for flue gas cleaning processes, covering selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts for reducing nitrogen oxide, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for particle separation, and limestone scrubbing services for desulphurisation.

Solutions from Endress+Hauser meet application requirements and industry quality standards.

Maintenance and safety for balance of power plant equipment and turbines

Endress+Hauser deploys best-practice field devices for balance of plant (BoP) equipment and turbine / boiler islands.

Safety is about prevention. Choosing instrumentation you can trust helps your peace of mind and is crucial to ensure you are alerted in good time to potential dangers to your people, plant and performance.

Endress+Hauser provides precision instrumentation and is an expert partner supporting clients from concept design through to commissioning and other services.

About Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser formed in 1953 through a partnership between Swiss engineer Georg H Endress and German bank manager Ludwig Hauser.

From the company’s humble beginnings of operating from a room in Hauser’s apartment in Lörrach, Germany, the company is now one of the largest instrumentation suppliers worldwide with subsidiaries on all six continents and a global workforce of more than 13,000 employees supporting customers in production, sales and services.

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