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When we started down the road of building a new system we had one goal, to bring power to the people. To do this we couldn't develop a system that was like anything the world had ever seen. The turbines had to be smaller, quieter more efficient, and work anywhere in the world not just the high wind areas. They also could not be placed 100 km from people and lose 30% of energy in the power lines. They had to be able to be placed right at the hospital, large building, or home. So we started from somewhere else that no one else has, we started from scratch not looking at anything other than the power formula to start.

When designing a new wind turbine we had to look at the formula of how wind energy is created. We noticed that traditionally wind turbines focus on getting more energy from the air they focus simply on the surface area of the wind, we knew that in order to create the most efficient system we had to create a system that focused on both wind surface area and wind velocity.

To control the wind surface area is very simple, you make more wind turbines or you make them larger. However when you make a wind turbine larger you the loose efficiency just like with anything else, the bigger it is typically the more energy you can get but the less efficient it is at using that energy. So we knew to cover the surface area we didn't have to make the turbines larger but simply use more of them in a different fashion to cover the surface area. Doing this created the Advanced WIndWall™ (AWW). The AWW covers a large surface area while keeping each turbine at maximum efficiency. Also by using walls of a certain size, we can distribute the energy in a different fashion allowing the energy created to be brought closer to the point of use, eliminating 30% loss in energy production in the transmission lines. Doing this also provides for greater energy security and resiliency.

By keeping each turbine smaller and creating an array of them we also changed a key factor in which many other turbines cannot achieve, we manipulate the wind speed. We changed many things with our wind turbine systems and one of the critical things we have changed is by using a ducted wind turbine. The ducted system allows us to manipulate the most important part of the power formula and that is V3. By ducting the turbine and forcing the air to fit into a smaller space the air accelerates, this accelerating air increases potential energy at the blades. Traditionally this would cause increased back pressure in-front of the blades not allowing more air to pass through, but because our blade design reduces the pressure of the air using the Bernoulli effect we create a low-pressure zone behind the blades allowing for the air to rush through the system increasing overall efficiency. This can be seen in our Computational Fluid Dynamics as in this image we see an ambient airspeed is near 30mph and by the time the air hits the blades, the airspeed has reached nearly 80mph, after it passes by the blades the air pressure is so low the airspeed increases to over 100mph. This increase in wind speed is due to the pressure being lowered significantly. Then the air is squeezed by the ducted housing allowing the air to leave the wind turbine faster than the ambient air. This process allows for greater power production at lower ambient airspeeds by increasing the airspeed at the blade by nearly 2x in the MicroCube™ configuration. In the wind wall configuration, the wind speeds at the blade surface can be increased even greater.

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Using the Advanced WindWall™ to cover more surface area in but placing them randomly amongst a city we can create a distributed energy source closer to the people. Then using the ducted system of the Advanced WindWall™ by manipulating the ambient wind speed by a power of nearly 2-3 times at the surface of the blades, we can increase the potential energy in the system greatly.

However, this would not be possible without to combine the power of multiple AC generators without our state of the art, 1st of its kind AC generator. Using our generator to combine 100 MicroCubes™ in series was unheard of before American Wind, Inc developed this new generator technology. Allowing for our generators to be used in both Serial and Parallel increases the efficiency even greater allowing for all of this to be possible.

Using all of these things we are able to gather much more energy from the air than any other wind turbine system on the planet bar none, all while bringing power closer to the point of use. Truly creating, the power to the people.

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