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issue 110 | may 2019

 Following the news that 28 EU states have reached their renewable energy targets for 2020 already, we map the progress being made across the EU in a special interactive feature.

Hornsea 1, the world’s largest wind farm, has started producing electricity - a monumental feat. Elsewhere in the UK, we look at the Swansea Tidal project, as it seeks private financing which may revive it. In North Yorkshire, a new carbon capture project has begun at the Drax power plant, a major step forward for such technologies. In Cornwall, work is underway to determine whether geothermal energy could be a possibility for the UK.

Elsewhere, Japan seems to finally be embracing wind power in an effort to meet demand as its nuclear fleet remains offline. China is embarking on a very ambitious project to determine whether it can gather solar power from space, and beam it back down.

Finally, we speak to smart battery company Moixa about its technology, and the coming battery boom.  /

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Molly Lempriere, editor