How digital transformation enriches your business 

What is needed for a safe and sustainable energy future is reliable power. And the key to reliability lies in digital solutions that can leverage big data and IIoT-connected assets.

Under these conditions, work behavior in power plants is transforming. Expertise, operations, and maintenance are becoming smarter through the combination of digitalization and engineering. Plants are becoming smarter by digitally integrating assets and simplifying processes. 

An essential part is providing easy access to data for engineers and other experts as this is the only way they can perform advanced analysis and improve results. Digitalization is very promising for the power generation industry. Innovative companies that take this important step with the necessary know-how will gain a significant competitive advantage and improve their ability to adapt and grow.

As of 2019, the potential revenue opportunity for IIoT in power generation was $1.97 billion (according to estimates by Frost & Sullivan). The revenue opportunity will accelerate in the next years, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 17.4%. This is based on a combination of factors, including the need for flexible assets, recovering investment costs, and saving unplanned maintenance costs.

Enerlytics helps you become more digital …  

Most of the necessary data to run a power plant more profitably already exists. But there’s a vast amount of data to understand and analyze. The manual processes and effort involved in compiling data into longer period reports are considerable, as are the costs incurred for human resources. In addition, on many sites diverse types of data are presented on various systems without the ability to connect them into one. As the complexity of the systems in power stations increases, engineers, asset managers, and plant managers are more and more dependent on digital solutions to improve process efficiency, reducing the high costs for fuel, consumables, and spare parts and maximizing the opportunity for knowledge, exchange, and learning potential of the workforce.

Turning data into relevant information

Enerlytics is an innovative solution that gets the best from the huge amount of data that power plants collect day by day. Its series of applications are based on many years of plant operation by high-level engineers and managers, consolidating their immense knowledge and experience in one platform. By collecting information from multiple sources and bringing it together, Enerlytics presents useful insights that allow operators to optimize the way their power plant is run.

Enerlytics by Uniper is an advanced platform that provides power plants with the necessary insights, tools, and recommendations for action to successfully go through the process of digitalization. Enerlytics’ suite of digitally connected products and services provides a 360-degree overview of all aspects of plant operations, performance, risk status, and maintenance – a strategy that not only saves time and money but also suggests how the power plant can be improved, and its operating life extended.

… using the experience of decades. 

As a plant owner and operator ourselves, we developed Enerlytics with knowledge built on a foundation of more than 100 years of expertise in the energy market. So we identify with the challenges plant operators face. By working in more than 40 countries, we understand the differing needs in terms of market structure and regulatory requirements. And we not only offer a software product: We deliver engineering expertise plus software to our clients. Once you have the Enerlytics system on your site, our implementation engineers will train you, give you all the support you need to get going, and resolve any small issues that arise. As you identify challenges and areas to optimize across your plant, we support you with our operational know-how. We look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis so that we can develop and grow our partnership.

Stay relevant and benefit from digital transformation

Save costs

It is impossible for engineers to manually monitor the vast amount of data that informs them about faults. They would constantly need to monitor changes in pressure, temperature, flue gas emissions, vibration, levels of oil, water, hydrogen, and others to check for any signs of adverse changes. Additionally, some changes occur so gradually that it’s easy to miss the fault or overreact to the fault and carry out unnecessary maintenance. Enerlytics helps operators, maintenance teams, and owners to understand where faults are and therefore plan for the maintenance or run the asset under safe conditions until maintenance can be performed.

Manage risks

A digital solution such as Enerlytics helps build strategies to extend the life of a power plant. Power plant managers follow a rolling program of planned outages at suitable intervals to inspect, repair, and replace worn components so that they can operate until the next outage. However, as plant operation changes with increased renewables penetration and market impacts, the risk profile changes. Enerlytics provides an overview of all asset risks to optimize investment.

Optimize maintenance

Enerlytics analyzes the data, does the calculations, and provides decision support to the site, before faults become failures. It’s like an early warning system based on scenario modeling and pattern recognition that provides information about faults and potential failures before they happen. Maintenance turnarounds and repairs can be scheduled in advance, outage kept to a minimum, and risks mitigated early via risk ranking and investment prioritization, leading to a reduction in discretionary spend.

Be flexible

Whatever the question might be, Enerlytics helps you find the answers. There is no one solution that will fit the needs of every market, situation, or country – and work with each individual customer to assess their needs, look at what can be achieved, and a create a road map to get there. The use of digital solutions, such as Uniper’s Enerlytics, enables a tailored response to be developed. Depending on your challenges, it offers various solutions centered around optimizing risk, performance, and maintenance.

The system can talk to any other software used in the organization, be it SAP, Maximo, or even Excel, and can be securely installed on any IT infrastructure.

Enerlytics – Your partner in digital transformation

Do you need a partner to go through digital transformation? Contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your problems and possible solutions. We would be happy to hear from you!

Enerlytics – Your partner in digital transformation

Do you need a partner to go through digital transformation? Contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss your problems and possible solutions. We would be happy to hear from you!