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Maximize the value and minimize the risks by partnering with the turbine foundation optimizer

To harness the energy of the winds of the world, you need a solid foundation.

One that is quick and economical to design, produce, transport and install. In other words – optimized, so that you can start feeding energy into the grid as soon as possible, with as low CO2 emissions as possible.

Any onshore wind project has four stages: infrastructure, foundations, electrical and the turbine itself. For all these you need a professional partner.

We are the one for the foundations.

Our mission is to make your work easier and reduce the risks in all phases of the project, even before and after the project is active. Close cooperation is the key!

Optimizing the pre-construction stage

Together with OEMs, tower suppliers and research institutes, Peikko develops the most optimal solutions for each market and site conditions. We also partner with investors and wind farm developers to specify the most suitable foundation type and location.

From Peikko you will receive accurate preliminary foundation designs and investment calculations – including risk evaluations.

As environmental issues, especially CO2 emissions, are getting more and more important, we also produce CO2 studies and constantly seek ways to lower CO2 emissions.

To ensure the site processes is as smooth as possible, Peikko will give training to your installation teams. With the support of our specialists, you can even make a test assembly of the rock foundation steel components! This will reduce the installation time and hassles on site as well as project risks.

Optimizing the construction stage

Training of your personnel continues on site. A Peikko expert will be present during the first installations to ensure everything goes according to the plan. This will give you a good start and keep the project on schedule.

Surprises are often found during the excavations – the geotechnical conditions might not be what was expected. We can quickly study the situation and adapt the foundation designs to meet the changed conditions. With a direct link to steel component production, the effect to site schedule is minimized.

If for any reason something does go wrong during the construction of the foundation, Peikko and our international partner network will take a leading role in developing solutions to solve the issue and to keep the installation ongoing.

Optimizing after the construction

Foundations are among the first things to be constructed on site. Sometimes foundation related issues are discovered in the later stage or even after the commissioning of the wind farm. If that happens, we are there to support you – to analyze the situation, to collect data, to give recommendations and to write statements and verifications.

With our support you can ensure the foundations are safe and work as planned.

When the turbines are coming to the end of their lifetime, we can analyze the foundations and verify if the lifetime of the turbine could be – from the foundation point of view – extended. This can give extra years of energy production without any additional investment.

At Peikko, we take pride in optimizing the foundation of your wind energy business.

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