Expertise from a single source for power plants across the globe

We offer our customers a whole range of reliable and customised services – from engineering, through the supply of state-of-the-art components for gas turbines, right up to turnkey solutions.

As an experienced partner for builders of gas turbine power plants, G+H Noise Control plans, delivers and installs complete noise control systems. These are based on decades of research and development work and set standards in the field of noise control – from building supervision to turnkey system installation.

Air intake systems

Our exhaust gas systems and complete exhaust gas stacks minimise noise emissions from gas turbines.

Exhaust gas systems

G+H Noise Control draws on more than 50 years of experience in the design and construction of exhaust gas systems and stacks in every power class.

Silencers and acoustical enclosures

Silencers and acoustical enclosures are essential for effectively reducing noise emissions. Noise control systems from G+H Noise Control are custom-designed and fulfil the most stringent technical requirements.

Retrofitting measures  

Renovating and optimising noise-control components is often more cost-effective than performing new installations. We know the best solutions for you.

Playing catch-up in the US

“In Europe, offshore wind has been there for a number of years, but I think in the United States we're a little bit behind that,” said Karustis.

Should it be successful, Halo’s approach could lead to a surge in US onshore wind, which has historically lagged behind other regions in terms of wind installation and production. Since 2016, according to the International Energy Agency, the US has installed just 22.6GW of new onshore wind capacity, compared to 30.7GW in the EU, and 50.3GW in China, struggles that Karustis hopes to address.

Last December, the Chinese Government approved a number of new offshore wind projects, totalling 13GW of production and costing around $13.3bn, as the country continues to invest in utility-scale power. Karustis hopes projects like Halo’s distributed turbine can contribute to a more balanced wind sector in the US, with both large- and small-scale operations expanding renewable power.

“The large-scale wind turbines wouldn't be phased out, it's kind of an ‘all of the above’ thing,” he said. “The large wind farms play a very important role for us in reducing the carbon footprint globally, and hopefully the micro wind market is going to augment that by producing energy where energy is being used. It's a good two-pronged approach.”

This two-pronged approach also includes other renewable power sources, including solar and utility-scale wind; Halo is not trying to replace all clean energy with its turbines, but offer another option for people eager to engage in renewable power, who may have been historically sidelined due to the high costs of building utility-scale facilities or the unsuitable geographical characteristics of the places they live.

“When you look at that market we're very excited because just as megawatt-scale wind is a large market, I think distributed wind can be as big of a market or bigger over time,” said Karustis.

“When you have incentives and improvements in the technology, the costs go down, so you can be more competitive and compete, and that's certainly the case with megawatt-scale wind,” he continued. “Just 15/20 years ago, it wasn't competitive with natural gas [and] coal, but it is now. So those government policies have helped and they've driven the technology improvements, so it's all bundled together.”

Our portfolio in power plant noise control

  • Air intake ducts
  • Flw-optimised silencers for filter houses (e.g. static filter houses with single or combination filter systems, and pulse filter houses)
  • Drplet catchers
  • Evaprative coolers
  • Anti-icing systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Instrumentatin and control technology
  • Operating and maintenance equipment
  • Exhaust ducts
  • Diffusers
  • Flw-optimised, highly temperature resistant exhaust silencers
  • Heat and sund absorbing insulation for exhaust ducts and heat recovery boilers
  • Metal and fabric expansin joints
  • Guide vanes


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