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issue 111 | June 2019

/ As the Trump administration explores the possibility of selling US technology to Saudi Arabia, we look at the kingdom's civil nuclear push and its potential routes for development.

We also review the ‘US Energy and Employment Report 2019’ to find out how job opportunities in the energy industry are growing and who is most in demand.

In the UK, we check in on plans to get 30% of its electricity from wind power by 2030, new efforts to upgrade the transmission and distribution system using Edinburgh-based start-up Faraday Grid’s smart power management, and a project led by the University of Nottingham, which is hoping to spark a brand new biofuel industry in Ghana.

Also in this issue, we look into Germany's $1.1bn fund to support battery production, explore research from the IEEFA which has shown that the rate of lenders exiting coal has accelerated of over one per month, and speak to SOS Intl and WSC about the first power industry simulator designed to train distribution system operators to perform normal and emergency tasks.  /

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Molly Lempriere, editor