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issue 112 | july 2019

Many targets have been set, and many predictions made, but what really needs to be done for the world to transition entirely to renewable energy systems? We take a look at the technologies that will pave the way for a cleaner energy future.

As the UK increasingly embraces renewables, it is moving away from coal for good. We profile the seven remaining coal plants in the country.

Solar panels are one of the most popular and successful forms of renewables. We take a look at the efforts to balance efficiency and cost in various types of solar cells.

Hydropower has come under criticism following a report produced by the World Bank showing that the technology hold back nations. Should countries steer clear of the power source? New technologies and solutions are constantly being developed though, and the Start-Up Energy Transition (SET) initiative has produced a list of the top 100.

Finally, we look at the nuclear renationalisation debate in France, the UK's failing power companies and what can be done about them, and how the energy recruitment sector is powering up.


Commissioning Editor Daniel Garrun 
Writers JP Casey, Ross Davies, Andrew Tunnicliffe, Julian Turner, Jack Unwin, Heidi Vella

Magazine Designer sara basto
Graphic Designers Kate Cuntapay, Marzia delgaone, anett Arc, Ashley mcpherson, tyrrell lowe, NOEMI BALINT
Lead Designer John Hammond

Publisher Susanne Hauner
Digital Publishing Director Duncan West




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