Tuboly-Astronic wire winding machine for 
instrument transformers type WHAN 150x3

Efficient semi-automatic wire winding machine for the production of medium and high voltage instrument transformer coils. 

The machine is prepared for winding up to 9 coils in parallel. Each wire is separately tensioned in a controlled wire brake device, the adjusted tension remains constant. An accurate wire guiding system allows fast and precise winding of the wires. 

The layer insulation is cut to the actual required total width. The waste paper strip is rolled up on a motor driven shaft. The insulation paper is automatically inserted to the coil and cut at correct length. Automatic positioned knives separate the coils from each other and two additional knives trim the outer ends of the coils. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated insulation inserting system
  • Automated insulation cutting, coil separating and trim system
  • Constant controlled wire tension
  • Winding of multiple coils in parallel
  • High winding speed
  • Flexible software, simple programming, operator guidance on the touch screen
  • Long machine life time
  • Remote support
  • Swiss quality 

Available options

  • Hot air heating system
  • Additional wire brake and guiding units
  • Automatic insulation width trimming system
  • Weight system for wire bobbins 
  • Winding mandrel