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issue 97 | april 2018

/ China has famously struggled with pollution problems for years, simultaneously breaking records for high carbon emissions and green energy investment. Now, the country is planning to roll-out the world’s largest carbon market, which will dwarf the EU’s Cap and Trade scheme. Will it work? How will it work? And crucially, will it be robust enough to close current loopholes? We investigate.

With plans afoot to build the biggest wave energy park off the coast of Bali, we take a look at how the project's shaping up, and after the European Investment Bank invested $400m in solar energy in India, we ask if solar could solve energy poverty in this populous country. We unpick Shell’s decision to adopt a greater renewable energy portfolio, and hear how Origami Energy is providing real-time energy control with its energy technology platform, and why the company says utilities clinging to traditional business models are simply punishing themselves.

Elsewhere, we speak to the CEO of Rovco about its ambitious project to create a 3D visualisation technology to improve inspection works at offshore wind farms. By combining digital tools, hi-tech cameras and graphics software, the company aims to reduce inspection costs by up to 80%. We find out how.  /

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Ceri Jones, Editor