Stable and Efficient Power Generation

Solvina are experts in optimizing the dynamic performance of Industrial  Cogeneration plants and the supply of heat, steam and power to the production processes. We work in plants like pulp&paper, steel, chemical and petrochemical. 
We are focusing on the following areas:

Steam system control

Turbine control /Island operation

Generator control

Power grid operation

Operator training

Solvina improves the performance of existing plants and ensure the right design in new build projects and refurbishment projects. Our process and power control experts design and implement superior systems and control for efficient and robust operation. Huge savings are achieved by decreasing outage time and energy losses.

Solvina improves power plant stability, availability and efficiency by combining testing and advanced simulation methods in a holistic multi discipline way.
”Energy Excellence – Our Goal, Your Benefit”

Optimal steam system control

Solvina have developed advanced methods to increase the availability and stability of steam systems of Cogeneration plants. The steam system of an industrial Cogeneration plant is far more complex than the systems of a conventional power plant, since the steam consumption varies vastly, often momentarily, and there are several steam headers with different pressure. This requires a lot of knowledge when designing the process and its controls. By developing control strategies in dynamic simulators Solvina achieves fewer disturbances and more efficient operator. Simulators are used for the design of process equipment since both steady state (BOP) and dynamic simulations reveal the required performance.

Our methods ensure best possible process control for all the critical operating conditions and events in the actual plant. 

Turbine control and Island operation testing

During power system disturbances and outages, a process plant can continue running if it can transfer to island operation and if its island operation capability is sufficient. However, as conditions can be tough and sensitive, islanding is complicated. Performing a black start can be even tougher. Solvina has unique experiences and knowledge of island and in-house operation. Our test methodology, using the real-time simulator SolvSim® Power Station, enables safe island operation testing and development.

Generator control

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) of generators has several control modes and modules for limitations and stabilization. Solvina performs tuning of AVR systems and stabilizers to meet grid code requirements and local requirements due to parallel operation and load variations. Dynamic simulation of the surrounding power system is performed to get the best possible result. The settings are followed up by testing.

Power system analysis

Using modern simulation tools, Solvina perform power system analysis as a part of system design, and operation planning. Solvina owns the rights to and offers the comprehensive simulation tool simpow® for dynamic analysis and design. By simulating critical events, the control can be optimized to handle the events in the best possible way. Motor starts, turbine trips, island mode transition and short circuits are examples of events that are considered.

Operator Training

The plant operation management is a critical factor for the productivity and plant efficiency. Solvina conduct training programs for operation and maintenance staff to increase the understanding of the plant behavior. Main focus is to learn about the functionality of the processes and systems and the physical laws governing their behavior. Complex theory is explained in an intuitive and practical manner, and training simulators are used to visualize and verify the theory, and to do training. The goal is that operators will be able to take faster and more accurate decisions in the operation, based on profound knowledge of the plant, hence achieving better productivity and efficiency.