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yearbook | deceMBER 2018

/ The energy industry has undergone a whirlwind of changes over the past year, with a number of technology developments transforming how power is produced and used around the world.

In this yearbook issue of Future Power Technology, we take a look at some of the most important trends in renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels and cover the biggest stories in the sector, from China’s decision to impose tariffs on solar panels to NASA’s new fission reactor.

In transmission and distribution, we profile the world’s largest transmission line projects currently under construction and find out why upgrading the UK’s network should be top of the government’s agenda.

We also take a closer look at Orsted’s wind power pivot, find out how France is managing its nuclear waste, speak to Greenpeace about pollution, politics and China’s carbon trading scheme, and explore GE’s new green solution for T&D gas. All this and more in our 2018 yearbook issue of Future Power Technology. /

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Katie Woodward, editor