Power predictions for 2019

GE offers future predictions across traditional and renewable energy sources

Projects overview: construction

in partnership with timetric, we round up the biggest and best power projects

World’s biggest renewable projects

We round up the top 10 renewable projects by generation capacity

China’s solarcoaster

China has slashed solar subsidies, in a move that could threaten the industry

The potential of city hydropower

Could a city retrofit its water pipes with turbines to produce hydropower?

Biomass in the EU

The new EU energy directive has raised raised concerns over biomass

Ørsted’s wind power pivot

How has the company started exploring green energy investments?

Briefing on nuclear power

We track the biggest trends in nuclear power projects across the world

Subsidising SMRs in the UK

A government report has recommended that subsidies be extended to SMRs

NASA’s new fission reactor

NASA has completed its first successful test of a new nuclear design

Managing nuclear waste

The management of nuclear waste in France is often seen as a contentious issue

Floating nuclear power

China’s first offshore nuclear reactors are on track to deployed by 2020

Briefing on coal power

We track the biggest trends in coal power projects around the world

A cleaner natural gas plant

Origen Power claims its gas plant removes more CO2 from the air than it creates

The golden age of gas

The golden age of gas may never happen unless it can prove itself a green fuel

Carbon trading in China

China will implement the world’s largest carbon trading mechanism

Transmission lines by size

Billions of dollars are being invested to develop robust transmission infrastructure

Lost in transmission

The UK is failing to tackle the problem of energy losses in the country’s network

Green solution for T&D

GE has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to T&D gas

The IoT smart grid

Enexis Netbeheer is building an Internet of Things-inspired smart grid