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issue 124 | july 2020

Years of unfettered production, price wars, and the devastating Covid-19 pandemic have all brought the oil industry to its knees and raised serious questions about its future. We speak to the experts to find out what it will take for governments, funds, and other financial structures to switch from O&G to renewables.

Also, we hear from the Anglo-French TIGER tidal project, learn whether natural gas is still a good investment, and ask what is behind the turn away from net metering in the US. 

Finally, we take a look at Tanzania's first ever wind farm, speak to SABIC about turning its plastics expertise to renewables, examine the numbers behind the US' gross energy exports exceeding their imports for the first time in 2019, and chart the decades-long journey to making Chernobyl safe. /

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Callum Tyndall, editor