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Utilities rely heavily on their field assets to serve their primary purpose – to deliver power to their customers safely, reliably and economically. Failure of these assets, specifically those that fail catastrophically, have a huge economic, societal, legal, financial and public relations impacts.

Managing the world’s energy

ABB provides its energy customers with integrated power and automation solutions from “source to socket” across generation, transmission and distribution systems. That’s why many of the world’s largest utility operators turn to ABB when they need superior enterprise asset management and asset health analytics solutions to support their business processes and decision making.  Our asset management solutions enable you to manage fleet assets, linear assets and facilities, and improve operational productivity, safety and return on investment. With ABB, you can manage the challenges of aging assets, changing workforce demographics and regulatory requirements with a clear view of your entire portfolio and total asset performance management strategy.

A pioneer in asset management 

ABB's Enterprise Software product group combines the strengths of recognized brands across the asset lifecycle with the unmatched expertise derived from ABB’s 50+ years in real time control. As the only industrial enterprise software solution provider with a combined IT/OT offering, ABB and our select partner ecosystem work seamlessly to execute best of breed solutions for your most critical business objectives. Over 1,100 asset-intensive companies globally trust our solutions to keep the lights on for the world’s largest cities & venues, predict asset failures to ensure reliability for millions of customers, and align generation, transmission and distribution operations resources in pursuit of their commercial strategies.

ABB is at the forefront of continuous innovation and premier technologies that set the standard in operational performance optimization.


ABB enables asset-intensive organizations to respond faster and make better decisions that directly impact the bottom line by:

  • Improving resource utilization and optimizing complex maintenance tasks
  • Improving equipment reliability and reducing overall asset lifecycle costs
  • Increasing safety and reducing regulatory risk using industry-standard configuration management processes
  • Improving the management of materials, inventory and equipment to raise the visibility and lower the cost of your supply chain
  • Improve the management of people, their skills and their tasks to optimize productivity of your workforce
  • Providing solutions driven by industry best practices to drive standardization across your fleet


ABB APM, part of the Digital Enterprise portfolio, is a data driven solution that monitors the condition of field assets (substation assets and ‘out-of-the-fence’ assets) and provides the utility a measure of risk (of failure) for each asset. This information is very useful to manage risk in a variety of ways – failure prevention, system hardening, safety improvement and consequence mitigation – including prioritizing short-term O&M (repair/maintain) and long-term Capital (replace) decisions.

ABB APM uses available data to assess the risk of failure of key assets and prescribes prioritized recommendations for action; these actions are tracked through completion to ensure risk is effectively mitigated. The resulting insights and accountability are critical to our customers to prevent key asset failures and implement a cost-effective risk-based maintenance and replacement strategy. In addition to asset-level insights, ABB APM aggregates individual asset risk information and other data (such as financial, work history and spares) into fleet-level insights for optimal asset management decisions, including: 

  1. Replacement prioritization & lifecycle cost analysis 
  2. Compare to family to find underlying asset (management) themes & outliers to better inform asset strategy 
  3. System Risk & Operational Decision Support 
  4. Spares inventory risk identification


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