Digital Enterprise Asset Performance Management (APM) 

From field data to fleet optimization

In today’s environment, energy providers face many challenges: aging assets, stagnant budgets, new operating risks resulting from distributed energy resources and a workforce in transition. These companies need to take advantage of advances in predictive and prescriptive analytics in order to meet the expectations of high reliability in spite of these challenges. ABB APM, part of the Digital Enterprise portfolio, is a solution designed to provide health and performance insights to prevent critical asset failures while optimizing asset lifecycle costs. The solution enables utilities to leverage their online and offline data to drive more intelligent, risk-based approaches to asset management in alignment with industry standards.

Utilities rely heavily on their field assets to serve their primary purpose: delivering power to their customers safely, reliably and economically. Failure of these critical assets has significant financial, legal and safety implications for utilities and creates economic challenges for the customers they serve. As a proven leader in both electrical systems engineering and asset management process innovation, ABB stands ready to support your transformation to smarter asset performance management. Available on premises or via the cloud, APM combines ABB’s unparalleled technical expertise with collaborative asset performance management workflows on a world-class, secure and extendible analytics platform.

ABB APM is an essential solution that enables you to:

  • Manage asset health cost-effectively 
  • Effectively address identified risks 
  • Prioritize repair and replace decisions 
  • Know “when + what if”: the next level in prognostics

Manage asset health cost-effectively

Get the bigger picture from the myriad sources of asset data available today and know where to focus your in-depth engineering analysis and scarce field resources. APM collects your data via standard and secure interfaces, and ABB’s embedded asset models help interpret the available data to provide new insights. These models not only consistently identify degrading conditions, asset risks and their relative importance, but also provide expert recommendations and priorities for resolution, analysis and mitigation.

Effectively address identified risks

Early identification of changing and degrading conditions is only the first step in an effective asset performance management program. ABB APM’s issue tracking ensures that identified risks are reliably mitigated and resolved. The solution highlights key actions that are at risk and tracks the completion of the important actions in the system. It also provides tools for resolving identified risks before they materialize.

Repair and replace priorities

In addition to resolving issues identified through predictive asset analytics, utilities have much more to accomplish on a daily basis, such as regulatory inspections and maintenance. Most utilities find more work in the backlog than resources to complete it. How do you decide where to start in order to have the most significant impact on overall risk? Through a maintenance prioritization algorithm, ABB APM provides a suggested order that enables a risk-optimized maintenance schedule.

When + what if: the next level in prognostics

Next-level prognostics and scenario simulations give utilities the knowledge of “when” and “what if.” By helping utilities to better understand the trade-offs and impacts of different possible scenarios, ABB’s APM can improve decision-making and operations planning.

ABB APM Key features: 

  • Industry-leading performance models incorporate the expertise of over 60 years of servicing critical industrial equipment of all manufacturers 
  • Machine learning capabilities enable users to test hypotheses and validate assumptions using their own data 
  • Out-of-the-box integration of short-term work (maintenance) with ABB EAM and ABB WFM or third-party vendors using standard adapters 
  • Open model interface enables extensibility to incorporate third-party models, a customer’s own algorithms or to extend ABB’s performance models 
  • Allows users to build their own dashboards using Microsoft Power BI™ for customizable insights 
  • Available on premise and in the Cloud

An essential part of your business

The benefits of asset performance management are well documented:

  • Increased reliability by identifying, prioritizing and resolving risks before they materialize 
  • Lower maintenance costs by reducing ineffective time-based practices and expensive failures 
  • Lower capital expenditures by getting longer economical life out of existing assets 
  • Structured knowledge capture that facilitates job transitions 
  • More efficient compliance management through lean workflows and embedded reporting 

Better still, APM is the most proven and efficient asset performance management solution available on the market. Its speed of implementation and extendibility allows you to start lean, experiment and learn, and accelerate your organization’s digital transition while savings are materialized.

More than a system. An ecosystem.

ABB APM is part of Digital Enterprise, ABB’s portfolio of software, services and hardware that enables asset-intensive industries to be more adaptive, collaborative, insightful and predictive. More than a system, it’s an ecosystem that embraces your existing technologies, enabling you to gain the benefits of the latest technological advances without sacrificing the investments you have already made. The Digital Enterprise portfolio is built on ABB’s core technology using the latest software development and delivery paradigms. The modular architecture is designed to support customer needs for agile delivery in a changing market. Customers can deploy precisely what is needed, when it is needed—this “selective consumption” model liberates customers from the forced “rip & replace” upgrades of the past. Digital Enterprise is interoperable with our customers’ investments in other complementary solutions, and for maximum flexibility and choice, Digital Enterprise is available via the cloud or on premises.

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