News in Numbers


Germany’s updated hydrogen strategy predicts that by 2030, national hydrogen demand will reach 95–130 terawatt-hours (TWh). The government expects up to 70% of this to be supplied by imports. 

70,000 acres

Around 70,000 acres of land owned by the US Department of Energy previously used to enrich radioactive material for nuclear weapons will be leased to renewable energy companies to situate solar, wind or nuclear power projects.


The state oil company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ADNOC, has brought forward its net-zero emissions target to 2045.


The power grid of Texas, US, saw 83.5GW of demand on 1 August due to ongoing heatwaves in the area, a new record for grid operator ERCOT.


The Scottish Government has allowed power generator Drax to build a pumped storage hydro plant in Argyll, UK, costing approximately £500m ($645.79m).