Welcome to the latest issue of Future Power Technology.

Green technology means more than energy transition and decarbonisation. In this edition, we look at the efforts to bring the economy to a full circle. After investigations found the flaws in several carbon credit schemes, can the carbon market be trusted? We look at the new rules changing how companies approach offsetting. 

Elsewhere, a Chinese battery firm promises to decarbonise flight, but is electricity the best way to decarbonise aviation? And as solar development continues to grow, when will effective recycling methods get their moment in the sun? We look at the technologies promising a more circular economy, and the people behind them. 

While other parts of the energy industry have learned the importance of building relationships with indigenous peoples, the issue rarely causes issue for power generation. But in Colombia, lucrative wind developments are stumbling as locals make their voices heard. 

All this in your edition of Future Power Technology.

Matt Farmer, editor