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european utility week

6-8 november, vienna, austria

European Utility Week has been championing the interests of utilities for almost twenty years. Over that time the event has evolved to keep pace with the rapid technological advances made. Where once Smart Metering - the hot new technology on everybody’s lips – was our prime focus, we have since shifted to deliver an event that reflects an entire energy ecosystem becoming smart, responsive, self-repairing, and more green. 

And throughout that period of change, we are proud of the close relations we have built with the industry. We now work closely with all the major European governing bodies, regulators, lobby groups, utilities and suppliers to squeeze the maximum content value into our three-day show.

In our own small way, we are proud also of the part we have played in driving the industry forward through the fomenting of new relations, driving new projects and educating the industry. Many a new product or technology has been launched on our show floor, and countless others developed off the back of meetings taking place at our event. It seems to be the energy industry recognizes the clear and unique value of a show that unites more top-level European energy professionals than any other forum.  

For 2018 we offer four exciting components to the European Utility Week: The Low Carbon Energy Programme, offering a detailed roadmap on transitioning towards a low-carbon future; Energy Markets, showcasing the future of energy trading, price drivers and the market design; Digitalisation, bringing into focus key technologies underpinning the smart energy transition, such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Blockchain; and finally, Initiate!, our very own innovator platform, in which we invite start-ups, young energy professionals and those at the forefront of the smart energy revolution to share latest ideas and inventions. 

Together these combine to form a programme that stands for change, for progress, and for a smarter energy future. And it forms the backbone of what has become the largest and most prestigious energy show in Europe. 

Make sure you are part of it! 

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