OFS 2000 For Air/Gas Flow Measurements

OFS 2000 Models

OFS 2000 series optical flow sensors patented use of light to detect air/or gas movement is unique. Scintillation caused by the passage of air or gas through the light beam is detected, analyzed, and the velocity calculated. The sensor heads are isolated from the flow media; and measurement is immune to the effects of temperature, moisture content, particulate count, or pressure, and requires no calibration - ever. To ensure reliability, constant automatic self-test and internal diagnostics are built-in.

OFS 2000W Models

OFS 2000W original sensor enhanced with Automatic Gain Control, for processes where flow opacity is a concern. Widely used in incinerator stacks, boiler stacks, to meet Continuous Emission Standards (CEMS) for greenhouse gases. Especially useful where outflow media has high moisture or particulate content.

OFS 2000C Models

OFS 2000C measures air inflow to the combustion process. It is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors to deliver instantaneous mass flow data. In combination with other OFS 2000 models on the outflow, it can allow the user unprecedented control of the burning process.

All OFS 2000 sensors meet or exceed requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency, and California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District.

EPA Method 14

EPA MACT RSR 40 CFR 63.670

EPA 40 CFR part 60 & 75

EPA 40 CFR part 60 sub part J & Ja

SCAQMD rule 1118

OFS 2000 has a world-wide reputation as sensor of choice for accuracy and reliab ility. Visit our website, or contact one of our representatives near you.

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