Bega Special Tools

Bega Special Tools is manufacturer and distributor of a range of Special Tools for safe and cost-effective solutions for mounting and dismounting of bearings and drive components - for maintenance & production departments in MRO and OEM companies.

We supply tools under our brand name BETEX®


In the Wind industry we provide equipment for mounting and dismantling inner rings, bearings, bearing rings, bearing housings, gears.

Increasing demands are being made for installation or dismantling of bearings and other components used in the wind industry. Our induction systems provide reliable solutions, the quality of the work being done is ensured. Feel free to ask for advice, we have many examples of projects and references.

Prevent damage to machines through correct assembly and disassembly

Get the job done efficiently, save time

Improve the quality of maintenance

Improve working conditions, safety first regulations

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Removing and installing bearings, bearing rings, bearing housings, gears.

Wind power

Assembly and disassembly with BETEX MF Quick-Heaters

Our BETEX MF Quick heaters are state of the art Mid Frequency Induction Heaters for both assembly and disassembly. There are many applications. With this safe and cost-effective technology, you can quickly heat all kinds of components to remove or mount. Our new generation of Mid frequent heaters 3.0 are equipped with smart process technology that allows for better control of the heating process. The new heating system allows a far better control of the heating process and data storage for future reference. These new heaters enable users to perform safe, fast and clean operations.They feature adjustable power control and double temperature measurement (monitoring Δ T). In addition, they have the ability to work together with several heaters.

For a brand new production line this wind turbine manufacturer was looking for the best in house assembly method for mounting large bearings into the wind turbine housing.

The solution was to use two Middle frequent induction heaters simultaneously to get the job done.

First, the 6800 kg bearing is heated up to 110°C (120 minutes) and mounted on a bearing housing.

Next, the wind turbine housing is heated up to 80°C (60 minutes) so that the bearing + housing can be mounted into this housing.


Mounting with BETEX Standard induction heaters

BETEX induction heaters are developed and manufactured by Bega Special Tools in their production facility in Vaassen-The Netherlands. They are sold worldwide. BETEX induction heaters are recognized for their robust industrial and user-friendly design.

Standard and TURBO heaters (low frequency) are used for heating bearings and other drive components for assembly purposes.

Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. These methods cause smoke, fumes or oil waste and are hazardous for personal health and safety.

BETEX induction bearing heaters are versatile and are used for safe heating of bearings (NU, NJ) gear wheels, bushings, couplings, innerringes, train wheels etc. etc. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends bearing life.

Controlled induction heating prevents unnecessary damage, and retains original prelubrication. Induction heaters are ideal for sealed bearings (2RS-ZZ).