Slitting line type SMM 125

Tuboly-Astronic proudly introduced its new slitting line. 

 The silicon steel slitting line can be used to slit grain or non-grain oriented electrical steel from its wide raw material roll into required smaller strip widths. 

The raw material coil can be loaded by crane or optional loading car onto the decoiler mandrel head. From the decoiler the steel sheet is fed into the actual slitting machine. The loop is automatically controlled by the machine software.


Ingoing strip width:

Minimum 300mm.

Maximum 1250mm.

Cutting width:

Minimum 30mm.

Maximum 1230mm.

Material thickness:

Minimum 0,18mm.

Maximum 0,65mm.

Line speed:

10-160 m/min

The scrap which is trimmed on both edges of the lamination will be cut by two scrap choppers.

Strip length differences are compensated in the pit between slitter and rewinder.

A specific tension stand guarantees that the cut strips will be wound as uniform and tight coils.

Finally, the cut strips will be wound onto the motor driven rewinder. For unloading, a hydraulic pusher plate is moving the coils onto a hydraulic unloading trolley or on the arm of an optional available turnstile.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible slitting line design due to modular concept
  • Efficient line layout (loading-unloading system / tool loading station)
  • Highly precise and stabile slitter
  • Double loop concept (loop before and after slitter)
  • Minimal burr and minimal camber
  • Edge straight recoiling
  • Wide slitter knife regrinding range
  • Important components arranged on one frame
  • Ergonomic design, quick and simple machine set-up, high operating comfort
  • Swiss quality
  • Long machine life time at low maintenance expenses
  • Remote support