The Tabletop Simulator for Electric Utilities

3DInternet is a leading developer of interactive computer-based and virtual reality training simulations.

The Tabletop Simulator for Electric Utilities allow users to create custom overhead Transmission and Distribution scenes.

Watch the video for Table Top Simulator >

Watch the video for Table Top Simulator >

Completed scenes can be used for:

Pre-job briefings and tailboards

Safety meetings

Group instruction

Accident reconstruction and investigation

Users create scenes by dragging & dropping items, such as:

Trucks or other vehicles

Power poles and towers

Live line equipment, grounding cables, ladders and tools

People or workers in different poses and positions

Selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Items in the scenes are positioned and rotated into specific areas. Unique worksite scenarios can be created based on the Utility’s needs, specifications, procedures and regulations.

Other key features of the Tabletop Simulator include the ability to:

  • Add and customize attachments such as coverup, switches, and jumpers.
  • Add Minimum Approach Distances (MAD)/Limits of Approach (LOA) and reach distances
  • Save and print images
  • Share scenes with other users
  • Display accurate distance measurements between objects

Multiple environment option settings are available such as plain blue or gray sky, high sun with clouds, mid sun with clear sky etc. Users can select sun direction, height, shadow direction and intensity with daytime or night lighting as well as specific custom viewing angles for the position of the sun.

The Tabletop Simulator can include your Utility’s specific requirements.

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