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issue 99 | june 2018

/ Digitisation of the energy sector is a matter of when, not if, but with so many new technologies and solutions available where do you even start? ABB is launching its first digital operations centre in Genoa dedicated to power producers. We speak to ABB and explore how remote digital solutions can help plant managers reduce costs and better manage fundamental disruption to the sector.

Sticking with technology, we also speak to the company behind the Internet of Things-inspired smart grid which has connected 900,000 meters and rising to the national system; we ask if the upcoming, government-supported Origen Power could create cleaner gas plants, assess the power of new-age commodities and their potential to compete with lithium in the green battery market, and find out from GE the challenges of creating ever-larger wind turbines.

Also, we consider the political ramifications of the US Government’s $1.3tn omnibus spending package which ignores the Trump administration’s demands for deep cuts in the renewables sector.  /

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Ceri Jones, Editor