OFS 2000E
For Air/Gas Volumetric Flow Measurements

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OSI proudly announces the addition of OFS 2000E to our family of air/gas flow sensors.

OFS 2000E offers the same ruggedness and accuracy as it’s predecessors – but with the addition of temperature and pressure monitoring to add dynamic volumetric flow data to velocity measurements. This, coupled with OFS 2000 rapid-response, full-path averaging, offers unprecedented accuracy in air/gas flow monitoring applications. Along with this, the OFS 2000E provides:

Completely non-intrusive measurement.

Measurement distance: 1 – 12 Ft. (0.3 - 3.65 Meters)

No flow temperature limit

No volumetric limit

No moving parts.

Simple installation

Low maintenance rugged design.

Along with our other OFS 2000 sensors, the OFS 2000E delivers an unbeatable combination of advanced technology, high performance, and proven reliability!

OFS 2000 series optical flow sensors patented use of light to detect air/or gas movement is unique. Scintillation caused by the passage of air or gas through the light beam is detected, analyzed, and the velocity calculated. The sensor heads are isolated from the flow media; and measurement is immune to the effects of temperature, moisture content, particulate count, or pressure, and requires no calibration - ever. To ensure reliability, constant automatic self-test and internal diagnostics are built-in.

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