When you are looking for increased reliability in your power plant’s performance, you can count on L3 MAPPS’ simulation experience to get you there. Our dedication to true-to-life power plant simulators ensures that your personnel have the knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate your power plant.

Providing more than just training devices, our simulator solutions powered by L3 MAPPS’ unparalleled Orchid® suite of simulation products will elevate your engineering team to new heights in addressing plant design issues, procedural deficiencies and reliability improvements.

L3 MAPPS simulators provide superior real-world power plant training. L3 MAPPS offers a variety of products and services, including full scope simulators, classroom simulators, engineering simulators, simulator retrofits and upgrades, severe accident simulation, Learning Simulators, Learning Modules and System Knowledge Modules. We provide design to completion turnkey systems, specific components, and simulator design tools as required by the customer. With a worldwide presence, a solid leadership position and the ability to provide any level of customer support through our Owners Circle™ program, L3 MAPPS ensures the success of your simulator projects. Our simulators offer the highest quality in simulation fidelity and training to provide trainees and instructors with user-friendly tools for learning, controlling and exploring complex power plant systems.

Power Systems and Simulation