Gas Turbine Filtration Specialists

AAF International offers one of the most advanced and extensive range of gas turbine filters on the market today. Our mission is to ensure our products add value to customers and optimize your assets, reducing operating expenditure and increasing revenue. We strive to ensure your assets utilise the best available technology to provide highest availability, superior performance, higher power output, greater reliability and easier maintenance.

Performance Filtration

Understanding filtration is in our DNA and we’ve been building this knowledge for nearly a century, we combine this with our knowledge of gas turbine air inlets to produce marketing-leading products. This includes our class-leading pre-filter AmerShield, this strong and durable pre-filter has a long filter life and a very low differential pressure. Our cartridge and panel pak filters are suitable for high dust load applications, including those environments with high humidity and we also have EPA products to remove the smallest of particles and provide even greater performance enhancement. Our barrier or static filtration range includes the new HydroGT 450+, this product provides the ultimate protection in barrier filtration and is available up to EPA E12. Regardless of your gas turbine filtration need, speak to us to find out more.