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The world has ideas on how the energy transition might work, BHDT provides the solutions.

For a number of years and with regard to mobility, battery-powered electric vehicles have been competing with solutions that have hydrogen-powered electric or combustion engines. The advantage of hydrogen-powered vehicles is that the achievable distances are much higher, very expensive, heavy batteries can be avoided by utilizing them, raw materials for the manufacture of the batteries only have to be used in very limited quantities and that there is no need for any time-consuming recycling of the batteries. The construction of hydrogen-powered vehicles, regardless of whether with a fuel cell or internal combustion engine, is comparatively simple and the vehicles can be refuelled using a concept similar to the filling station system for conventional internal combustion engines.



Actuated Control Valve


Manual On/Off Valve

This poses special challenges for hydrogen tanks. In order to be able to store hydrogen in large quantities, it has to be heavily compressed, which is why containers are exposed to high internal pressure. Moreover, the containers must be made of very high-strength materials with an impermeable inner coating or lining to prevent the diffusion of hydrogen from the container and any hydrogen embrittlement of the material. A further challenge is presented by sealing concepts with the highest level of tightness at temperatures ranging from -50° C to 90° C. Operation at extremely low temperatures requires the use of very ductile materials and meticulous design of the containers in terms of fracture mechanics to prevent them from bursting, ruling it out in any case.

BHDT is currently exploring an innovative stationary tank system that is used at significantly higher internal pressures than conventional hydrogen tanks and can therefore store significantly more hydrogen in the same tank volume. Despite the enormous fatigue stress of such a system, these containers have a longer lifespan than containers currently available on the market. This development is not limited to the tanks; it is extended to pipes and valves in the same pressure class, allowing us to be able to support our customers holistically.

Design, calculation, production and testing of high-pressure components, which all adhere to international standards and specifications is BHDT’s core business. In accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ASME BPVC and API Q1, the company’s quality and environmental management systems have been certified by various third parties.

Decades of experience in the field of high-pressure technology, the selection of the appropriate materials, along with accurate order management are the preconditions for a high degree of reliability and the functionality of our products in compliance with international standards and our customers’ requirements.

Building upon our roots and gathering on more than 60 years of experience, BHDT is now the market leader for high pressure systems and valves in applications up to 3500 bar for LDPE/EVA and UREA plants.

Today, BHDT is in a position to deliver custom made connectors, prefabricated piping spools and special valves to our customers in the energy sector.

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