Accurate air flow measurement is a crucial step towards the power station´s availability, stability, and efficiency.

Is accurate flow measurement relevant to your business?

Do your operations require control at a high temperature?

Are you looking to optimize your processes monitoring?

Do you struggle to trace measurement fluctuation in real-time?

Our innovative product, McON Air Compact fulfills all your needs. It provides exact air flow measurement that will not only save your energy and optimize process control, but also mitigate your CO2 emissions. It is digitally handled, operates in high temperatures, and maintenance-free.

The system measures the time off light of unique signal patterns created by particles contained in the gas. Because the principle is time based, accurate, and drift free over the entire lifetime.

McON Air Compact in bullet points:

  • Reliable measurement of dust laden gases
  • Temperature range up to 1000 °C/1800 °F
  • Drift free - no calibration, no purging
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • SIL 2 version available
  • Turn down ratio up to 25
  • No K-Factors - direct time of flight measurement
  • Hot tapping solution for full plant availability

Here is the video to our recent webinar about operational cost reduction through special technology of air and gas flow measurement with McON Air in cement plants:


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