Bectrol designs and manufactures electrical control infrastructure for industrial, manufacturing and construction projects. With 40 years of experience, the company prides itself in its engineering expertise and a frank, no-nonsense, helpful and human approach to business. Bectrol is based in Quebec and serves clients internationally, with a focus on European and North American markets.

E-Houses, also known as Power Houses or Control Buildings, manage the electrical needs of industrial, manufacturing and construction projects. These mobile buildings

are critical to the safe and efficient functioning of any industrial project that requires major energy management infrastructure.

With decades of experience in automation and control, Bectrol has been an innovator in the field of E-Houses. Bectrol designs and assembles a finished product, including the power supply, the physical encasement building, the electric power distribution and the control panels. There’s no need to deal with multiple providers or manage a project within your project. Bectrol ensures you have everything you need and that it’s working in perfect sync with your needs. They can even incorporate clients’ own equipment into the building, further integrating the E-House into the project and eliminating any workflow friction. Bectrol assembles and thoroughly tests all its products before delivery, so clients can rest assured they can fully rely on the system. It’s ready to use immediately.

Bectrol can also provide solutions tailored to your industry. For instance, in renewable energy, it has built control rooms designed for hydroelectricity and power stations. For environmental projects, they can furnish a room with pumps, valves and controls for water treatment. In telecommunications, the control room can include servers, and for the mining industry, there can be a control room for drilling and extraction equipment – to name a few.

What’s more, Bectrol has responded to the widespread demand for more sustainable practices. Their E-Houses feature R-30 insulation in the floor, walls and roof, and allow for a 95% thermal bridge reduction, increasing the lifespan of installed equipment by several years. They’re ASTM C236-89, ASTM E283, ASTM E331, ASTM E72, ULC S101 certified and are even eligible for LEED certification.

Bectrol also creates control panels for their clients. Each year, they manufacture over 3,000 panels in automation and control. They have over 30 technicians on site assembling and fabricating panels, working directly from their clients’ plans, and constantly consulting with clients’ technical teams to ensure everything respects specifications and stays on schedule. The control panels can be manufactured to CSA or UL standards for all of North America.

Bectrol’s precise engineering is part of why their E-Houses and control panels are becoming industry benchmarks. The company has the experience to build high-quality, reliable equipment. And they’ve worked on enough different jobs to be able to tailor their equipment to an enormous variety of client needs. “Every industrial client we’ve worked with wants two things,” says Sylvain Benoît, President of Bectrol.

Benoît is in a position to know. Bectrol was founded in 1979 by his father Rolland and his good friend Jean-Guy Cusson – two skilled electrical specialists gifted with the well-known working-class grit of their hometown, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. So the control and electrical know-how runs in the family. The business is still family-owned and includes two other family members – Yolaine and Stefan.

“First, they want top-notch, plug-and-play engineering. The absolute best quality installations. It has to be fine-tuned, and tailored to their project. These are serious projects.”

 “The second thing people want – and this is equally important – is the human touch. Our clients need to know they can pick up the phone and hash out the details with us. They’re managing huge industrial projects. They want their supporting partners to understand them, understand their projects and adapt to their unique needs.”

Bectrol has truly taken these two notions to heart. Their entire team is dedicated to fine, reliable electrical infrastructure that’s custom-tailored to the project at hand and ready to go on Day 1. They’re also a company that’s customer-focused. The entire team takes care to handle each project with diligence and camaraderie. It’s a natural fit for a company based in a region with such a rich history of industrial manufacturing and community values.

Bectrol is proud to be capable of providing a fully integrated service, making them the only supplier you need on site for control infrastructure. Bectrol’s staff is happy to speak directly to any business curious about its products or simply in need of guidance as to its control and electrical infrastructure.

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