ABB Ability™ Ellipse® 

Connected asset lifecycle management for the power industry

Many of the world’s largest utility operators rely on ABB Enterprise Software to help keep the lights on for the world’s largest cities and venues and ensure seamless reliability for millions of customers.

Our extensive software solutions are critical components in driving digital transformation among power utilities as they develop the next level of asset transformation, grid sustainability, customer and worker safety as well as optimized network management. ABB has been well established as the driver of digitalization in power and automation, and our deeply rooted technological innovation provides a proven foundation for the converging worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

At the forefront of power operations software today is ABB Ability™ Ellipse®, the premier connected asset lifecycle management solution for asset intensive companies needing to optimize asset availability, performance, efficiency and quality. Built from almost 40 years of experience supporting the asset management and business operations of hundreds of the world’s largest industrial organizations, ABB Ability™ Ellipse® is the only solution that unifies world-class functionality for enterprise asset management (EAM), workforce management (WFM) and asset performance management (APM). Ellipse enables faster, better-informed decisions in daily operations and allows for more comprehensive, insightful, long-term planning and modeling to improve safety, reliability, and sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Unifies award-winning functionality for asset performance management, enterprise asset management and workforce management
  • Provides unprecedented orchestration of priority, process & people
  • Proactively predicts, prescribes and prioritizes maintenance
  • Enables planning based on risk of failure and operational criticality
  • Utilizes expert data modeling for continual improvement
  • Leverages real-time operations data for improved efficiencies
  • Improves responsiveness by delivering the right work at the right time to the right people