The idea of Highvec Canada Inc. started in 1985. The company was formed in 1992. Thus taking an old procedure of corn blasting and making it more sophisticated, to adapt to a wide variety of electrical contamination problems in the industrial sector of Mining, Smelting, Refineries, Steel Plants, Pulp & Paper, OSB Plants, Manufacturing etc. With our equipment and experience we are able to enter areas under live conditions for cleaning and inspection with little or no downtime. We at Highvec, take a lot of pride in our finished product and stand behind our process of electrical cleaning.

Chuck Humphrey.


Highvec Canada Inc.


  • Underground Mine Substations
  • All Types of Metal Clad Switchgear
  • Live Line Outdoor Insulators to 230kv
  • IR / Thermal Imaging Surveys
  • UV / Corona Imaging Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Detection Surveys


Highvec started as a service to the mining industry, providing a way to clean underground substations without turning off the power, saving a company from expensive downtimes. The process removes the dust and grime that can cause potentially life-threatening flashovers and fires.

Highvec has perfected a traditional cleaning process, mixing ground-up corncobs, walnut shells and limestone to blast away grime and dirt from electrical components. The mixture is non-conductive and environmentally friendly, and is just abrasive enough to dislodge the dirt and grime without causing damage to wiring and other components.

The initial challenge was adapting the process to the underground environment. Highvec developed an elaborate system, making use of custom-built dust collection system to seal off the area being cleaned and to collect the dirt and abrasive material.

As a first step, Highvec inspects your switchgear and electrical equipment with infrared and ultraviolet cameras, looking for any hot spots, bad connections or thermal anomalies.

Following this non-invasive inspection, Highvec can begin the no-down-time cleaning process with our environmentally friendly process. Most of our work is done under live conditions, meaning you won't need to power-down your processes.