OFS 2000 for Air/Gas Flow Measurements

In 1999, OSI began applying their patented scintillometry technology to determining air/gas velocity. The result: the OFS 2000 line of optical flow sensors - now employed world-wide wherever a tough, dependable, precision instrument is needed.

OFS 2000 provides a dynamic velocity measurement of the passage of gas or air through a light beam. The scintillation through the entire path is detected, analyzed, calculated, and reported as velocity.

OSI’s unique approach works by transmitting a visible red light beam to a pair of detectors mounted directly across a stack or duct. As air or gas moves through the beam, OFS 2000 literally ‘watches’ it flow by. The measurement is averaged directly across the entire volume, producing a much more representative measurement than a single point or slanted path sensor.

It is absolutely unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, gas density, or opacity. If OFS 2000 can detect even a fraction of the light, it can accurately measure the flow velocity. It is, in this sense, a “pure” measurement.

The process is completely non-interfering and immune to the effects of temperature, moisture content, particulate count, or pressure. OFS 2000 systems requires no calibration – ever. As a safeguard, constant self-test and diagnostics are built-in.

OFS 2000 systems have proven excellence in cost-effectiveness in refineries, power plants, incinerators, chemical plants, paper mills, and mining operations - in every sort of industrial application where environmental compliance or superior efficiency is required.

OFS 2000 features

•  NIST wind tunnel tested and proven.

•  Field proven in critical installations worldwide.

•  True wide dynamic range – 0.03 to 150+ m/sec.

•  Path-averaged for superior accuracy.

•  Measurement not affected by temperature, pressure, density, humidity.

•  All digital, DSP based, drift-free electronics.

•  Built-in self-test, diagnostics & automatic calibration check.

•  Non-intrusive & easy installation.

•  Suitable for extreme temperature applications.

•  No moving parts, no consumables, easy to maintain.

All OFS 2000 systems meet or exceed requirements set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District.

•  EPA Method 14

•  EPA MACT RSR 40 CFR 63.670

•  EPA 40 CFR part 60 & 75

•  EPA 40 CFR part 60 sub part J & Ja

•  SCAQMD rule 1118

Systems meet hazardous environment Class 1 Div. 1 & 2, Group B, C, and D conditions.

OFS 2000 Models

OFS 2000. The original basic stack air flow velocity sensor for use in just about every CEMS industrial application. OFS 2000 is found worldwide in power plants, chemical plants, mines, and refineries.

OFS 2000W. Equipped with Automatic Gain Control for processes where flow opacity is a concern. Especially useful where outflow media has high moisture or particulate content.

OFS 2000F. Designed specifically for applications where high velocity and rapid response time are critical. 

OFS 2000C. measures air inflow to the combustion process. It is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors to deliver instantaneous mass flow data. In combination with other OFS 2000 models on the outflow, it gives the user unprecedented control of the burning process.

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