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issue 95 | february 2018

/  Political opinion is weighing in on the future of Australia’s energy industry. A leaked report into the viability of a new coal plant in Queensland was buried by the state’s Labor Government, opponents say, as it didn’t fit the party’s election agenda. This furore has perfectly demonstrated the emotional­ baggage that comes with coal-fired energy today.

Here, we examine what this case tell­­­­s us abo­­­­­­­­­ut the politicisation of coal power­­­­­­­, and ask ­­if inflexible, anti-coal ideologies are getting in the way of good business cases? We explore the arguments.

Elsewhere, efforts to keep the lights on are changing as cities expand and complex renewable technologies begin to feed into ageing electricity grids. To find the solution, we attended­­ the World Smart City Expo in Barcelona where we spoke­ to the people behind the most innovative smart city projects and concepts. 

Also, we look at Hywind’s journey as the world’s first floating wind farm comes online, uncover the status of entirely transparent solar cells, and ask if the power purchase agreements of the US energy market could help renewable power projects in Europe, and speak to Tokamak Energy’s newly appointed CEO about his scientific perspective to cracking nuclear fusion.  /

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Ceri Jones, Editor