Automated core production realized by Tuboly-Astronic AG

Our new CCM 450 core cutting line with automated E-stacking system CSEC-2500 is able to stack a transformer core at 40 sheets per minute.

Reduced machine set-up time

 A four head decoiler system with cross sliding function allows the machine to carry multiple silicon lamination coils per decoiler mandrel. This system is reducing set-up time and effort during core production with different lamination widths.

In addition, our newly developed automatic lamination strip feed-in system is loading the lamination strip from a new coil when the actual coil is finished or when the lamination width is changing.

For material width change, the material will be wound back and a magnet is automatically attached to the coil end in order to keep that coil tight. 

Four head decoiler with cross slide system

Automated lamination strip feed-in system

Stacking grippers

The E-Stacker is equipped with 5 independent gripping devices. Shape, size and position of the gripper depend on the lamination sheet - 2 Yokes, 2 side legs and 1 centre leg.

For different hole positions each of the two overhead stacking pins can be automatically positioned.

Grippers of all 5 sheets

Top and bottom yoke pre-positioning

Stacking pallet system

As standard the machine comes with two stacking pallets and a one up-ending station. This allows the machine to run at a high degree of capacity utilization with only a very small change over time.

Possibility to stack the core with closed top yoke

Machine facts

Benefits at a glance

  • Automated EI core production process (closed bottom and optional closed top yoke)
  • Four head decoiler system with cross sliding function for multiple coil carrying capacity
  • Automated lamination strip feed-in system
  • Automated material changing process
  • Automatic pin positioning system in the stacking grippers
  • Quick changing system for two stacking pallets
  • Overall optimized machine set-up process
  • High machine output at max. 40 stacked sheets per minute
  • Swiss quality