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issue 101 | august 2018

/ Ørsted abandoned the oil and gas market last year to refocus on becoming a major player in the global wind turbine market. We speak to the company formerly known as DONG Energy to find out how it is adjusting to the renewable sector and what its future plans are in the smart green technology space.

Elsewhere in renewables, we consider whether excess solar and wind power could be a promising source of hydrogen, and find out from technology group Voith why it is focusing on the East African hydropower market with a newly established hub in Addis Ababa.

We also take a look at GE’s new contender for a more environmentally friendly transmission and distribution gas, and find out what the Solar Together London scheme is doing to revive interest and investment in solar power in the UK capital.

Plus, we take a look at NASA’s new fission reactor designed to generate power in space, hear from ENCS why smart grids could put national energy infrastructure at increased risk of hacking, and ask industry experts for their opinions on the gender disparity in the energy sector.  /

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Ceri Jones, Editor