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issue 116 | November 2019

Hydrogen has been pitched as a clean energy saviour for years now, but never managed to live up to its potential. However, with new EU projects as well as a 'hydrogen strategy' announced by the German Government, is it finally hydrogen's time to shine? 

Many innovative energy technologies have failed to reach practical use. In the next issue, we take a look at some that have been proved in theory but encountered other difficulties, and ask whether and how they could still become viable. We also ask what went wrong with solar technologies that didn't take off, and catch up with new technologies that are yet to prove their worth, such as lithium alternatives in the battery sector and a plan to use fridges in supermarkets to help power the UK. 

Finally, we ask states or the federal government should be in charge of regulating emissions in the US, talk to InnoEnergy’s Elena Bou about how the energy transition can improve gender diversity and ask whether EU relations have affected the UK’s ability to withstand power cuts. 


Commissioning Editor Daniel Garrun 
Writers JP Casey, Heidi Vella, Umar Ali, Scarlett Evans

Magazine Designer Maria Gimenez
Graphic Designers Marzia delgaone, anett Arc, Ashley mcpherson, tyrrell lowe, NOEMI BALINT, PETRA KONYI-KISS, Filipe costa, martina labaiova
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Publisher Susanne Hauner
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