Welcome to the latest issue of Future Power Technology magazine

In this issue, we ask if virtual power plants could finally be ready to transition from high-concept theory to cornerstone of the energy industry. With greater emphasis than ever on effective monitoring and efficient operations, technologies such as digital twins could be a vital component of a more sophisticated, if more complicated, energy management process. 

Elsewhere, we speak to Phil Thompson of Balance Power about how improving grid connectivity will be integral to the clean energy transition, and assess the role of nuclear power in the world’s energy mix. 

And as sustainability issues continue to dominate the conversation around energy, we look at new processes that companies can use to improve their performance. From the oft-debated prospect of space-based solar power to the importance of improving energy efficiency through thermal storage, there is plenty of scope for energy producers and companies to improve their sustainability credentials. 

For all this and more, read on.

JP Casey, editor