In this issue, we tackle pressing issues at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. We begin with a focus on wind power, exploring innovative solutions to mitigate the environmental challenges of wind turbine blade disposal as well as non-governmental measures developers can enact to navigate the permitting bottleneck, which has been especially detrimental to offshore wind projects.

Battery energy storage takes centre stage as we review the latest advancements propelling us towards a clean energy future, including Harvard’s breakthrough research in solid-state battery technology. Additionally, we analyse Europe's coal-fired power phaseout progress through an interview with the EY energy lead, shedding light on the global shift towards cleaner energy sources – or lack thereof. 

In a deep dive, we investigate Adani's continued dominance in the Indian energy market despite controversy, examining the role of the government. Lastly, we assess the pragmatic hurdles that hydrogen must overcome to serve as a key player in decarbonisation efforts. 

Jackie Park, editor