Why we all profit from regular cleaning of powerplants

That maintenance and cleansing on a regular basis ensures a better lifespan is nothing new ofcourse . Still we often experience at Vecom that companies economize and cut costs on the maintenance of their (client’s) powerplants. A choice that in the long run, can have tremendous consequences.

Therefore keeping the steamquality high is key. A positive extra to pre-commissioning cleaning is not unimportant too. This treatment gives the boiler a magnetite layer at the waterside that will make sure that it is fully passivated. This will prevent new corrosion in the boiler in the long run.

The 3 main reasons to clean your powerplant

  1. To prevent contaminated particles in the steam. If they are present and travel through the turbine, they can cause damages. Or worse, the turbine can get out of balance and cause accidents.
  2. To prevent air-pollution and remove atmospheric pollution.
  3. To clean the material from (fly) rust, corrosion and extent light grease.

How to save money and time on your project

Time is money. Choose chemical cleaning by Vecom and accelerate the commissioning of your powerplant, while keeping your highest steamquality possible. Count your profits: with our chemical cleaning process you will shorten the amount of days necessary for steamblow with twothird of the time. Furthermore you will also need to use less gas and demi-water.

The added value of ‘the Vecom way’

With over 20 years of experience in boiler cleaning, we can guarantee you the optimum steamquality within the shortest time. Due to the time saved you will almost earn by choosing the Vecom way. Together with your personally assigned Vecom specialist, the exact right procedures and necessities will be put together for you. When needed, we can conduct a tailor made procedure within the shortest time. In our laboratory we mix up the right chemical consistency, custom made. This speeds up the steamblow process.

Proven track record

Not only they are experts in their job, our staff is also extremely committed to their projects. Therefore they are asked worldwide to work on-site with special resistant pumps (high flow rate). On-sitethey perform both pre-commissioning and chemical cleaning. These past 6 months alone, they have been working, amongst other places, at powerplants in: Nizhnekamsk-Russia, Dunbar-Scotland, South Helwan-Egypt, Brest-France en Colón-Panama.

Two boilers in one shot cleaning

As we always want to offer the highest quality, but also want to save you costs, we will bring the necessary skills and materials to your location, where we contract local companies. Just as costsaving is our ‘two boilers in on-shot’ for instance. It minimises the use of chemicals and wastewater.

The wastewater on your location is our responsibility, so we always store and process wastewater on location under supervision of our experts ‘the Vecom way’. With less wastewater in the end, our way proves to be environmentally better than more conventional ways of cleaning.

Better for you than ever! Today and tomorrow

We are chemists of origin and have always managed our own laboratory. That is the place where we work with innovative technologies to come up with new ways to improve our activities and make them cleaner for you. A clean and viable environment is fundamental to the future of us all, the animals and mother nature. We at Vecom always make sure to have minimal waste and zero harm with our processes. This is one of the reasons that Urenco choose to work with us. Vecom complies to Urenco’s ‘Code of Conduct’.

Why others choose for excellency

If we do not already have the solution for your requested cleaning, we invent a suitable blend and procedure immediately. We regularly come up with new solutions for a wide variety of extraordinary installations and problems. For example this citric acid method (see the infographic below).

Also your ‘go to’ for other metal surface cleaning

The Vecom way for cleaning powerplants, applies for a discrepant group of clients and businesses.

  • Cleaning according to Ultra clean specs (oxygen clean)
  • Restoration of stainless steel
  • Sublimotion

Do you always strive to move forward?

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know. Our local staff and office would love to help you and your clients strive to further excellency. Please contact us through mail or phone for a proposal. We also welcome you for an on-site visit.

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Keep the lights on - the Vecom way

Profit from 65 years of experience in safe technical and chemical cleaning. Whereby zero harm to the environment has our absolute focus. Because cleaning powerplants is no child's play, it is crucial for all of us that the correct procedures are followed. Also to ensure the durability of the facility. And to make sure that you’ll save both time and money!