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issue 108 | march 2019

In October, India’s largest power utility NTPC announced that it will use biomass to co-fire all its coal-based power plants. The decision is a bold move that will help curtail air pollution, backed by a 2017 policy that promotes biomass utilisation for power generation. We speak to the analysts to understand the impact of this move on India’s energy mix.

We also consider whether fusion energy could be enough, after MIT announced that its Sparc reactor could begin producing energy from nuclear fusion by 2025, but at a much lower wattage than traditional fission reactors, and find out more about a new energy tower from Energy Vault that uses basic physics to store energy.

Plus, we take a closer look at China’s mega transmission line project, learn more about a new device developed by Stanford University scientists that can harvest solar and space energy at the same time, and speak to start-up Robial about its plans to convert urine and other types of wastewater in to electricity.


Editor Katie Woodward
Commissioning Editor Daniel Garrun 
Writers TALAL HUSSEINI, Molly Lempriere, Steve Springett, Andrew Tunnicliffe, Julian Turner, GlobalData

Magazine Designer Paulius Zutautas Graphic Designers Sara Basto, Kate Cuntapay, Marzia delgaone, anett Arc, Ashley mcpherson, tyrrell lowe, NOEMI BALINT
Lead Designer John Hammond

Publisher Susanne Hauner
Digital Publishing Director Duncan West



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