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australia issue | october 2018

/ In this special issue of Future Power Technology Australia, we gain an insight into the Australian Government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG), which has been introduced as part of a promise to secure low emission, reliable energy for the nation. While many welcome the certainty it brings, it has been met with anger by green power advocates who argue it will further entrench big fossil fuel companies. We check in on both sides of the debate.

We also take a look at the latest and greatest power projects kicking off in Australia’s energy industry, profile some of the country’s most advanced and paradigm-shifting renewable energy projects – from solar PV windows to a green hydrogen hub – and delve deeper into Australia’s budding battery business.

Plus, we profile the Coopers Gap windfarm project, which is expected to bring jobs, as well as lower carbon emissions and household bills once completed, and ask whether anything can be done to address Australia’s notoriously high energy prices as the country transitions to a more environmentally, business and pocket friendly energy backbone. /

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Katie Woodward, editor