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yearbook | deceMBER 2020

/ The energy industry, as with all industries, has undergone a tumultuous year. Covid-19 has not been kind to business but we have still seen some incredible evolutions.

In this yearbook issue of Future Power Technology, we take a look at some of the most important trends in renewables, nuclear, and fossil fuels and cover the biggest stories in the sector, from calls to secure a just energy transition to the challenge of reaching 1,400GW of offshore wind by 2050.

In nuclear, we examine what goes into monitoring the movement of nuclear material,  look at an Australian startup pursuing a new form of fusion, and learn about ITER's pursuit of fusion.

We also examine Covid-19's impact on the rollout of renewables, follow the US's journey from energy importer to power exporter, ask whether the fossil fuel should be compensated for closures, and take a look at Germany's attempts to kickstart a European hydrogen economy. All this and more in our 2020 yearbook issue of Future Power Technology. /

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Callum Tyndall, editor