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Issue 139 • October 2021

Welcome to the latest issue of Future Power Technology.

This month, we turn our eye to the UK, to assess the country’s renewable potential. From ambitious tidal power projects that look to take advantage of its miles of coastline, to reforms to the Scottish offshore wind sector aiming to decarbonise the oil and gas industry, the UK could finally be making good on its renewable potential.

Across the channel, we speak to WindEurope’s Viktoriya Kerelska, to ask how the EU could use wind power to meet its "fit for 55" renewable goals, and assess the fallout from a court ruling that determined Germany’s energy regulator has not been sufficiently independent. With climate change targets looming ever closer, time is running out for governments and regulators to incorporate renewables more coherently into their energy mixes.

Finally, solar and nuclear power come under the spotlight, two energy sources that could make or break the world’s climate goals. While the former embraces large-scale developments, and the latter looks to innovation to accelerate its development, we ask if either industry can meet the challenges associated with such ambitious moves. For all this and more, read on.

JP Casey, editor