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issue 113 | august 2019

 Investment is key for the success of the renewable transition, but what makes a country more attractive than others to investors? We take a look at the latest EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index and find out about the best places for renewables investment.

The Asian Development Bank funds a staggering number of energy projects. In this issue we speak to the bank's chief of the energy sector, Yongping Zhai, about the principles behind the organisation’s investment decisions.

In the UK, companies are looking for new ways to engage consumers with renewable project. Ripple Energy presents customers with the option of co-owning a wind farm, but could this model really bring about household savings and will people be interested?

Utility scale wind power is one of the most successful types of renewable energy in the world, but now distributed turbines are becoming increasingly popular, too. We ask whether these smaller turbines could  catch up with their larger counterparts by taking a look at Halo Energy’s shrouded turbines. We also find out about the efforts being made to protect wildlife from wind turbines.

Finally, we speak to Greenpeace about its stance on nuclear power, explore the difficulties of choosing a hydropower site and review the history of Three Mile Island ahead of its upcoming closure. /

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Molly Lempriere, editor